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Monday, November 06, 2006

Another Nintendo DS development blog

Hi, there.

Finally I have decided myself to write a blog about all the stuff I am doing with my DS. When I bought this wonderful machine one and a half year ago I did it because it was a Nintendo machine and I had the money for it. Yeah, I bought it because it was so promising, but I could'n realize how promiwing it was goig to be.

After all this months of fun (specially with the Mario Kart), two months ago I decided to read some tutorials showing me how to program it. It didn't look very hard, so after reading all the Chris Double's tutorials I finally started coding some stuff.

At first (and at this time to) my aim is to know how this machine works, I don't want to make a wonderful game or something, only investigation. During these last few weeks I have been developed my own library, mainly for video stuff, and know I have started codign a little game (I am not going to spend more than a week on it, so it is very simple)

Why haven't I use the wonderful palib? - you may be asking - Because as I said, my aim is to know how nintendo ds work. Now I have another lib called ZaloDSLib (:D) and it is what I am going to use from now on. Maybe I will take a look on some aspect of the palib in the future :D (it is not copying, it is investigation)

So, what is this blog going to be about? About my research on the nintendo DS. Thank you for reading (if someone is going to do it)

PD: ahm... by the way, sorry for my english, I am doing my best ^_^U


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