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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Getting into the Wii

Helloooo, everyone!!

I have finished and I am still alive... that is good!! What am I talking about? Yeah, good question!

I have spent the last three weeks porting ZEngine to the Wii :) I was in a hurry somehow because I wanted to finish something for the Tehskeen competition, so it has been a nightmare. Three weeks programming 12 hours a day, including weekends. First at job then at home... never again!!!!

What is the tehskeen competition you may be wondering. It is the first Wii homebrew competition. Take a look here and to take a look at the entries, this link You can take a look at all the games and vote Rokoban for winner :P

The Wii scene is amazing. I think that DS has stopped and lots of people are moving to the Wii, so now it seems to be the more active. The unnoficial SDK (devkitpro with libogc) allows you to do a lot of things and people are working everyday to release new versions lots of libraries, so I think it is a good a idea to move.

To be honest, I enjoy more developing for the DS. I think there is still a lack in the Wii documentation and somedays trying to do something can easily become hard. You need to look for samples, ask in forums, irc... etc

Cool! I am free! I am going to stop developing for a couple of months, I really need it. But in the meantime there is going to be a lot of time to post here all the features that I have been making to ZEngine (and belive me, there are a lot of them)

You can download Rokoban in the tehskeen competition website, I think I can't still upload it here. But there is a new version of Gea VS CoDOS (I hate it!!!) for the Wii in the downloads section or here

Have fun!


  • Uuuueeee. Ese zalooooo!!!

    No puedo probar tu Rokoban, no sé porque no me va, el caso es que me lo descargo pero busco la Wii por mi casa para probarlo y no lo encuentro, puede ser que no me la he comprado, pero no sé..... :P

    By Blogger Morpheo, at November 19, 2008 12:59 PM  

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