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Monday, November 03, 2014

A brief introduction to Homebrew Development

These weeks I have been involved in some very interesting things.

Last October 16th I was given the chance by the people at Betabeers Seville to give a small introduction to hombrew development. Here it is, both in spanish and english

Desarrollo Homebrew
Homebrew Development

I will probably talk about this world a bit more at some point on Pixels and Coffe during next year so stay tuned

As a quick reflexion, I have always been interested in this kind of programming. Most of my profesional experience is related to the videogames industry but I consider myself more of a general programmer than just a videogames one. I think that a good knowledge of C++, compilers, and maths in general makes the difference against most other programmers. So basically I owe the people at the forums, those who wrote some of the amazing articles I read and all the community, a lot (btw I hate the word community)

Maybe the scene is a bit dead right now, but still there are lots of things you can learn if you know where to look for. And next year looks promising!