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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Whack Mania on Nintendo 3DS

Remember Whack Mania? You should if you know me, but just in case here is a video to refresh your memory

I have finished porting my little engine to the nintendo 3ds meaning the game is now working too. As you can see

I needed to to a few changes before releasing it:
- Since the game was thought to use a touch screen I had to adapt the controls a little bit (I could have used the touchscreen but I wanted to have the 3d effect instead
- I have reviewed all the levels and kept only those that I considered fun enought (from 40 levels, there are only 14 here... you can take a look at my postmortem to see why :P)
- I had made myself sure that the game doesn't have any memory issues and it is stable (and it is now). Also I needed to check it was working using the Homebrew Launcher, cia or 3ds formats
- Some other minor changes I don't remember right now. But the good thing is that the code is exactly the same that I used for the IOS or Android version

Here is the link if you wanna give it a try. The game looks awesome on the 3ds :)

Download: Whack Mania 3DS


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