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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Familiar Game Camp

The Familiar Game Camp was celebrated the past  August 1st-2nd at Málaga, in the south of Spain (sadly we didn't find the time for visiting the beach :_(... )

It was a weekend for meeting nice people and sharing our experiences, and also meeting the new generations. There were workshops for chiptunes, pixel art and Gameboy development and talks about the Familiar Game Jam, Publishing on Steam, Game Art, AltGames and Not Games and what to do with your free time.

This time I didn't want to talk about some technical stuff so my talk was a bit more related to what I do with my free time, based on my experience along all these years of videogames development.
Here are the slides of the presentation I offered
- Programar por Trabajo vs Ocio (spanish)
- Coding for Work vs Fun (english)

You can find some posts covering the event here:
- Official website (with links to all workshops and talks)
- Sergeeo's post (he is the one organizing so you should take a look)
- Crónicas de #FamiliarGameCamp
- Twitter #familiargamecamp (I have stolen all the photos from there, yeah)

Some of us were missing the Game Conga, but maybe next year it will happen...  :D

I hope to see you again soon!


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