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Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Rokoban for Nintendo 3DS

Rokoban is not a new game. I already released it on Nds and later on the Wii (and it won the 4th place on the Wii Homebrew Competition organized by tehskeen in 2008). After that I was going to release a new version for IOS and Android about 4 years ago. Although very close to finishing it, I had to abandon it because back on those days I needed to start working on Whack Mania.

Together with me working in this new version was Juanmi, making all the graphics. He actually finished all his work but I never got the time to put it all together. After the release of Whack Mania the engine had changed so much that making it work again was a bit complicated.

That was until this past summer when I actually realeased Whack Mania for 3ds. I was thinking which other project I could work on after it when  william341 in the gbatemp forums suggested me to work on Rokoban. There are other projects I was thinking of but then I did a quick test and in a couple of days (holidays, yeah!) it was running again. Althought making it work is just the first step I decided to focus on it, the good thing was I already had all the graphics and menus :)

A few months have passed and finally I am going to release it hoping you will enjoy it and it will become a good contribution for the 3ds scene which as of today keeps growing and growing. Also I am going to finish what I started 4 years ago with poor Juanmi and he is gonna see his job finally released


Download it from the links below. The game is available in 3ds, cia and 3dsx format. There is also the Windows version if you wanna give a try on your PC. I also have an Android and IOS build but I don't really know what to do with them...

Download: Rokoban 3DS

Download: Rokoban Windows

As usual, please leave me your feedback in the comments. Thanks in advance!



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