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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

BitBitJam 3 - Pretty Princess' Castle Escape

The bit bit jam is a retro jam based on old systems up to 16 bits. The jam lasts one week and you can use any technology you have developed before that week. The game must work in real hardware.

Before the jam starts a theme is randomly selected and this year it was "Red Hot Princess Carnage". A total of 20 games were presented. You can take a look at all of them here, and also you can check the winners on each different category: best theme, best platform usage and funniest game

This year I ended up joininig forces with sergeeo. He was in charge of the music and graphics and I was working on all the coding stuff. Together we created Pretty Princess' Castle Escape for the old nintendo Game Boy. Althought we finished the game on time we continued working on it after the jam and finally we have released a new version we consider final. Check it out here!

We'd like to thank all  the guys playing it and specially the ones who have uploaded some videos:

Also special thanks to David Colmenero for organizing the jam and for convince me to participate

During this week I'll be posting a few entries with my experience developing using the GBDK providing some info that I hope will be usefull for someone. Stay tuned!


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