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Monday, January 02, 2017

Super Princess' 2092 Exodus

Initially developed for the gbjam5 this is the second game I develop for the Game Boy and also together with sergeeo doing the art and music.

The gbjam5 ran from October 1st 2016 at 7:00 AM to October 10th 2016 at 7:00 AM. 399 games were entered, wow! Contrary to the bitbitJAM the games were not required to work on real hardware, actually the games just needed to be thematized as Game Boy games. I already had the engine I created for Pretty Princess' Castle Escape and I wanted to give it another try. Most of the time I spent on the bitbitJam was actually on the engine and not the game itself, so I knew we could do something better.

The first version of Super Princess' 2092 Exodus was developed in 48 hours. It only contained one level (7 screens) but it was more complete than Pretty Princess. I saw there was still a lot of improvements that could be done on the engine so I decided to continue working on it for a while. At the same time we also wanted to improve the game after the jam, so since them we have:

- Improved the jump (that was the main complain from people)
- Added 2 new levels, with their music, tileset and maps
- Added the screen transition similiar to the one you see in Megaman Games
- Moving Platforms
- 5 new enemies
- Better menus
- Sound effects
- An ending!

The game is not hard but it isn't easy either... in other words you won't finish it on your first try, just like videogames used to be. If you get killed, just try again

We are very happy with the result and hope you all enjoy it. You can play it here (just remember the experience is much better if you download the rom and play it on an emulator, or even better on real hardware)

Source code is also available on github


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