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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Campus Party 2007, Gea vs Codos and ZEngine

Howdy, folks ^_^!!! (I had to say that)
Well I have a lot of things to write about this time, and I hope I won't forget anything. I hope you have had a good summer, at less as good as mine, hahaha... well, let's begin.

It all began on Campus Party in Valencia, here in Spain. The previous days to that party I was working hard on my engine so I can develop something for the compo that every year takes place there. Basically, you arrive there and when the competition begins they announces some stuff that may be in your game. Then, you have 72 hours (3 days) to develop whatever you want. This year there were 9 conditions and you had to choose 3 of them. I don't remember the 9, but we chose these:
- Super powers
- Climatic change
- One Button Game
And there they were: "Herederos de Turbo Yoshi" (I am not going to translate this XDDD). We were:
Andrés: working in main characters an tiles
David: working in enemies, skybox and animations
Jorje: main Gea vs Codos programmer
Zalo: ZEngine developer
Sadly for us ZEngine is still in its very early version... so we haven't something like fonts, music, 2d... It was a pity. But I wanted to work with ZEngine anyway and I would had done it even if I had to compete alone :D. We couldn't finish symbian and nds version for the constest and only pc version was available...

Even worse... the stress was... how can I say it.. the last day of the competition I could have killed someone!!! That was really amaziiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiingg!!! YEAHHHHH!!! It has been a long time since I worked with someone in my spare time (not at work) and I have to admit that it was very fun (well, now it seems to me very fun, but I really could have killed someone). You can read a blog we wrote during Gea vs Codos developing (that was a contest obligation) and see our state in the last hours, hahhaha... it is here (it is on spanih... sorry ^_^U)

Well, Campus Party was very fun, but that was supposed to be part of my holidays and I got back even more tired than I left. So after two weeks I traveled to Idaho (in the USA) to visit a friend. I were in USA for 2 weeks and I didn't take my laptot with me (I have bought a laptot!!) because I really needed not to see a computer in days.

After that, I was still tired and still have some days for vacation so I went to the beach in Murcia for a week 8-D. And then... it was time!! Gea vs Codos had to be ported to Symbian and DS whatever it costed!!! And that's what I have been doing these weeks. The game is already working. I have been optimizing ZEngine (That's how I have called my multiplatform 3d engine) also so that it can be more intuitive.

I wanna write about ZEngine, and how it works. I think that my next post will talk about it. Linux platform will be the next supported (it is very similar to Windows, so I don't think it will take me much time).

Anyway, here you have it. Gea vs Codos is already finished. There are a lot of bugs that have to be fixed, but that is not my work :P I am already working on something else (somethign I was already working before Gea vs Codods) you'll see it soon ^_^.

In Gea vs Codos you take control of GEA a super heroin that has to capture the photons trapped in the atmosphere by the greenhouse effect. Co2 particles won't make the things easy for you. So, what are you waiting for? Gea needs your help!!!!
Whatever troubleshotting you have, please let my know. We'll try to fix it. And, now, it's time to save the world

Download Gea vs CoDOS here