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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Reasons to Love Homebrew development

Sometimes I think about it... why does people make their homebrew applications? Well, one thing is for sure... it is not for money. And if you think about it a little bit, that's great!

I think that there are a lot of people out there thinking, "Man, I'd like to create a game for the DS", but they don't do it. Why not? Because their companies are not interested on doing that... then, Why don't they do it by themshelves? Well, I think there are another explanations but basically some people don't do it because they are not going to receive anything in exchange.

Well, aren't they? Really? I think that people should think about it. Why are you developing videogames? Money,? That's all? I have discovered in the last months that there are something else. Of course you need money, you have to survive. But there is also a big pleasure seeing that people are intererested in what you are doing. A bit of satisfaction seeing people playing what you have created, just enjoying it. I think it's the best reward. Because that what videogames are really for, entertainment. You are not just typying lines of code, you are creating entertainment. So, the most entertained (that't this word exists?) your game is the better it is. That's all. You can make a videogme and earn a lot of money with it but if people doesn't like it you are not really happy at all.

Why do I love homebrew development for the DS? Well, first because I do what I really am interested on, and do it my way. Second, because I love this machine, really! And third and most importan: People are interested. They care about it. I released Rokoban just two weeks ago, a Sunday night. Next day, on Monday, I googled for it. How many url's were talking about the project??? It was awesome. I was completely amazed. But above all, I was really really happy. And so is Roko

Thanks, everyone

PD: anyway... don't spend your life developing all the day ;) Just enjoy it

Monday, July 07, 2008

Rokoban, a Sokoban version, in 3D

I remeber when was the first time I played Sokoban. It was on my Gameboy. I was only 12 and it was summer. That summer I bought one of those 16-in-1 cartdridges. There were a lot of awesome games there but there was one that I remember specially. I didn't even knew his name until some years later. It was an awesome game that made me spent a lot of time thinking and having fun. There was a guy with a hat and some boxes that you had to push to some cells that were marked with points. I didn't need some instructions or something like that to play it, the game was in Japanesse. And I think that is one of the wonderful things of this game. It was intuitive, fun and gave you that felling of satisfaction when you finished a level you have been trying for days. It was Sokoban.

A lot of ports of this game have been released since then, for all platforms, including the DS. But anyway I wanted to make my own version :D I have spent a lof of time on it. Not because it is very hard to develop (I coded the logic of the game in just an afternoom and in 3 weeks I had my first playable demo) but because at the time of developing this game I have also been improving ZEngine. The version that I've made is on 3D and I thinks is the first one like that released on the DS. You can also load set of levels from your card and I think this is also new too. And the main character of the game is Roko, one of the character that I draw for my weekly comic strip tinomi. I had the model done years ago, it was going to be on 1010 Locos por el tenis, and finally I have been able to place it on a game

Ok, that's all from me, at the moment. Here I leave you the versions for Windows and Nintendo DS. There is no version for Symbian. You now what? I hate Symbian, it is horribleeeeeeee. Yes that's the truth, you don't program for Symbian, you fight! XDDDD And I am tired. I don't know if I'll continue supporting Symbian versions or not. Who knows. Hope you enjoy the game. For any suggestion of bug report, you know where to find me :P

Download Windows Version
Download Nintendo DS Version