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Friday, August 15, 2014

Touch Racing 2 released!

If you follow me on facebook or twiter (Zal0) you already know, a week ago finally Touch Racing 2 was released

It is a sequel of one of the games I liked the most of my current studio (Bravo Games dissapeared, now we are all Genera Mobile). It was a big responsability for the team, first because Touch Racing Nitro was a game we really liked and we needed to create a product of the same value.

I am pretty happy with the result, we have worked a lot on the weak parts that the first game had like:

- Controls, not everybody liked them. The vehicles are now more guided and it is easy to drive. Also there is an alternative wheel control as you can see in many other games and you can use a gamepad if you have it!

- Nitros, we decided to put them on the circuits as it was very easy to end on a wall and lost precious seconds (the button for reset is still there but you'll hardly need it). That also allowed as to plan some circuits making your car fly or speeding you up in endless straight roads.

- Car Physics, your cars will never overturn again or end up stucked on the border of the road

- Multiplayer, asynchronous multiplayer is back using Parse. Now you can compete against your facebook friends directly

- Car customization, you have three vehicles to manage. Take a look at the workshop for all the combinations you can create! We have even added the posibility of you to share a picture with your friends

- Boats!! Althought the way to control them is very similar to the cars the physics model is very different. Trust me, it was hard to create a boat that behaves like so and it is also fun to play with

- Free to play. We changed to this model when Marvelous started collaborating with us. You may or may not like it but the real truth is that games like CSR, Real Racing  or Asphal has moved to this because is the way mobile users want it

- Story. I wanted to have some characters since the begining. They have evolved a lot and we create some nice pesonallity for most of them

- Tutorials, I was happy to see on youtube how people was learning to use both thumbs because of the way we are telling them (basically either you do what we are telling or you are stuck on the tutorial LOL)

I am not going to write today about the development process of this game, but there is a post mortem comming. I want to wait a few months before publishing it since it is been a longer development than usual I think it makes sense

If you have some free time and any IOS device, please download it, let us know your thoughts. We really appreciate them :) And if you have an Android device, you'll have to wait until I get back from my holidays

Have a great summer!!