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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Pixels and Coffe 3DS workshop

The past February 10th I was given the chance to offer a workshop introducing the homebrew development on the Nintendo 3DS. At first I was planning to actually talk about the DS but being a console that is becoming obsolete I decided to go for something more actual (I thought it'll be more interesting). This time it was organized by the guys from Pixels and Coffe (if you live in Seville and don't know what I am talking about you should take a look)

Lot of people came and I was happy to share with them one of my hobbies although there were some moments of chaos (ctrulib not compiling, emulators not launching...). I talked a bit about the history of the scene, the emulators, the exploits and we were compiling a Hello-world sample that I run on my 3DS using Ninjhax

Now it would be great if someone will try and join the community but honestly I don't think that is gonna happen :D

Anyways, thanks to everyone who came that day. I hope you had such a good time as I did and you actually learned something. Here are the slides in spanish and english if you want to take a look

3DS Homebrew (spanish)
3DS Homebrew (english)

PS: I am always delayed with it but next post I will be talking about the freakend and the other presentation I offered there
PS2: oh, and the new Familiar Game Jam is just around the corner!