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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

I am alive!!

Sorry :P it is not that I have abandoned this blog (not yet). But this last weeks I have been working on something for Christmas. As I told it has nothing to do with computers, it's a comic.
If you want to check it out, you can find it here (only during this Christmas)

Una Nochebuena todos juntos

It has been a hard work and I need some rest now... so in two weeks more or less (that is, after Christmas) I will be back again. There is still something I want to do with my DS ^_^

Merry Christmas!!

PD: by the way... the comic is on spanish :P But I don't know of anybody reading this blog that can't understand it... ademas, q cojones, que paso de traducirlo!!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Atom, my first DS game

Finally I have done it :P I have finished my first game for the nintendo ds done by myself. Well, it is a very simple game, but it doesn't matter

Atom is a game where you control an atom and have to avoid the electrons coming against you. During these weeks I have been working not only in that game but in my library... in fact, almost all the time I was doing library stuff. But now I have a more complete library and a game estructure that I will use for my next projects (so, things are supposed to be easy now)

The game finally uses float :P Althought I can change it to Fixed point with a typedef in the code. But for the game to work properly with them I needed 64 bits integers, and they are not supposed to be faster than floats whatever people say.

Now I have in mind a new project, let's see if I can finish it soon. These days I am very busy working in other things (nothing to do with computers this time :) )

You can find Atom here: Atom

If you want the source code, please ask for it