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Thursday, June 05, 2014

snes9xgx, fceugx and vbagx with screenshots support

I have spend a few days adding some small features to this emulators that I was missing.

- screenshots preview, when selecting a game you'll be able to see an screenshot of it. It seems that everybody is more intereset on game cover, but for me this is a better option
- when entering a 7zip folder it will store the last game played (this only happened oustide 7zip folders)
- when leaving a folder (normal folder or 7zip) the current one will be automatically selected (very useful when you have been playing Zool and don't want to start searching again from 3x3 eyes)
- when showing the contents of a 7zip folder the main filename will be stripped and only the rom info showed (the text scroll is good, but most of the filenames are way too long and the important info is really at the end)

you can find my original post and the link to the emulators on gbatemp forums

Monday, June 02, 2014

Free to play business model

Last Friday I had a good time with the guys at betabeers Huelva. There were some interesting talks about GODOT engine, video game communities and Unity 3d. I was talking about free to play and how different it is to traditional market. I'd like to share the presentation with you:

Free to play como modelo de negocio

Also, I have translated it to english

Free to play as business model

The idea was to make you take a look at the market before starting working on something for months that will end on a failure :) Let me know yout thoughts